Sept 30 - Oct 6

People always talk about the sentimental reason parents cry because of their kids. But, if you want to bring a tear to a parent’s eye, have their child tell them they are going out for a school sport. Why would we cry, because we know that first of all practice is 25 minutes away 4 nights a week. Then there is the game on the weekends. You know the one day you get to relax. Then there is all the pressure of them making the team, and the guilt you feel, if you are happy they don’t. You know the scandal about the parents paying bribes to get their kids into college, well, is it against the law to bribe the coach to not let them on the team?

My wife works with a non-profit that brings respite support to adoptive families. The non-profit is called CAFA, which stands for Capital Adoptive Families Alliance. On Oct 12 we will hold an Octoberfest at FlapJacks in the evening. Warning I might be cooking. Anyway, click the image below for the flyer and please come.