Oct 7 - 13

After spending about 3 hours at the Halloween store to get my son a mask for his costume, I remembered a situation I got myself into a while back wearing a mask.

It was about 1983, and I decided to wear a Ronald Regan mask at the restaurant for Halloween. So, this limo driver had finished his meal and went outside, so we cleared his table. Well, he comes back and wants to know where his food and drink were. I explained that he had gone outside so we assumed he was finished. He explained in a harsh voice that he wasn’t finished and demanded I pay for his breakfast. I explained that he had finished and he had gone outside, therefore by Restaurant Law he had to now pay. Well this discussion went on for a while and did not end up well. After about 5 minutes when he finally left, I realized I had never taken my mask off and had this entire argument with Ronald’s mask on. Can you imagine having a conversation of any kind with someone in a president’s mask, let alone an argumentative one? As you can imagine I never wore a mask of a president again.