Sept 23 - 29

When you raise children it is important to teach them how to puts things away. So, I open the refrigerator door to see a box of canned sodas on the shelf. I go to grab one only to find they are positioned on their side instead of upright. Which means they start rolling out individually in succession. The first one rolls out and I catch it and feel pretty good about myself. The second one rolls out and I catch it and think I am really on top of things. The third one rolls out and both my hands are full and I manage to snare it on top of the other two. Now the fourth one rolls out and I panic, and I throw these three into the air to catch the fourth. However, when the fifth comes I miss it and when it hits the ground it pops open and shoots me with carbonated lime soda. Now I am completely befuddled and proceed to let the rest come rolling out and just hit the ground. I wasn’t even aware that I had started screaming until my wife comes out to see what I am doing. I didn’t even try to explain.