Apr 1 - 7

My animals have been good this week, my kids have done nothing crazy this week and my employees have been acting normal for a change. Well, somewhat normal. I haven’t had to escort anyone out of the restaurant and I haven’t had to deal with any inspectors. Consequently, I have nothing to write about. Ok, so here goes. Someone recently gave me a copy of my menu from 1982, back when we were Walt’s Family Restaurant. Guess what 1 order of Bacon and Eggs and 1 order of a Ham and Cheese Omelette and a Cheese Burger and Fries along with 2 coffees and an Orange Juice. 

Give me a total of what you think everything cost back then with tax, and whoever gets the closest will get to order 2 meals a day for seven days off that menu. Good luck and I am sorry we no longer have T bone steaks.