Mar 25 - 31

It seems I am not as smart as I ever hoped I would be, or apparently, not smart enough to fool my children. When kids are young you hide anything important up high. Things like treats, sharp knives, prescription drugs, and fire starters for a few. However, I continually forget my son is now 10 inches taller than me. For example, the hole in the microwave I wrote about last week I am sure was caused by the fire starter stored on the shelf above the microwave. All the treats are stored on the top shelf that my son looks down at, yet I still hide things up there. I think what I need to do is make a cutout of him and place it in different places around the house to remind me how tall he is, and this would remind me to hide things on the lowest shelf. Of course, when Rory my grandchild comes over to visit and crawls out of the pantry with the fire starter everyone is going to thinks I have lost it.