Feb 4 - 10

A Kid’s Purpose:

One of the advantages of having kids is you get to see all the current kid’s movies. I mean, you can always see them, but it is awkward sitting in a theater watching a kid’s movie without a kid with you. When the Incredibles 2 came out, you know you wanted to see it, but you have to wait until a kid can come along. I even feel weird ordering a kid’s movie from Netflix if the kids aren’t going to watch. In fact, I did order one and the kids didn’t want to see it and I was too embarrassed to watch it without them. Let's face it, with the kid’s you get to relive some of your own childhood memories and so I should start being nicer in the way I refer to my darling children. After all, if the kids were not around, I would never have learned the “Oompa Loompa” song from Willy Wonka.