Feb 11 - 17

Life is changing.

Recently I watched the movie Back to the Future, and I was amazed that when he went back 30 years in time, how different everything was. I thought that if you went back in time 30 years now it would not be as much a change. Then today I decided to go through my old desk from before the fire at El Camino.  I found an old business card catalog and went through it. There were close to a hundred business cards from business people and friends. Some had notes with home phone numbers, some had notes to me to remind me of their family member’s names. I found one number from a customer that came into the restaurant back when it was called Walt’s in 1981. I called him just to see if he was still around. To my disappointment, and unsurprisingly, the phone was disconnected.  The bottom line is things have definitely changed. Now all contacts are in your phone. There are no personal notes in there. There are no family member’s names, no memories, kind of sad. The world is changing and I am glad I had a few moments to cherish these people and acknowledge them.

It looks like someone has stolen a painting of a Futuristic Car out of its frame in the Men's room. First of all, I want to commend that person on their good taste. Second, you took my Freakin' Painting. Who would steal a painting out of the Men's room?
This person should be easy to find. First, we can eliminate one gender. Second, we look for someone with good taste. Third, I will offer a reward of free FlapJacks for a day with bacon and eggs (don't get carried away, it is just a picture of a painting) for its return.

Let's see what happens.