Jan 28 - Feb 3

Hell, the definition of which is, “a place regarded in various religions as a  spiritual realm of evil and suffering where the wicked are punished by fire”, and apparently I must be evil.  

I have a son in the autistic spectrum. This means when he needs something done or wants something done he will request or demand it until it is done. In this case he wanted to pair (connect) his GoPro with his iPhone, I don’t even know what a GoPro is. Now things will start reasonably but when it becomes apparent that I have no idea what I am doing then things go to the next level. As I have said in the past, emotions continue to escalate until the problem is solved, but I have no idea why this thing is not pairing, so things are getting desperate. During situations like this I usually come up with a distraction like “OMG a meteor just hit the chicken coop”, but today I had nothing. In a moment of panic, I threw myself on the floor and started throwing a tantrum. My son was bewildered long enough for me to change the subject.

If fire is all God’s got, then I am not worried.