Feb 18 - 24

I am old.

On Friday a couple comes in and the guy starts talking to me like he knew me. I know I know him but have absolutely no clue who this guy is. He says he sent me a text he was coming and so I excused myself to run in the back to see who this man was. For a fleeting moment, I thought dementia had suddenly settled in and this was it, folks. My life as a business owner was over. If I could remember where my car was and how to get home I should stop by the pharmacy and get some “Depends". Well, the text explained it. He was my insurance adjuster from the Bay Area and had never been in the finished restaurant before and so I rationalized that was why I did not recognize him. But, when we finally do lose our minds, how will we know? I mean I would like to know. Would my kids tell me, would my wife, my employees? I don’t think any of them would do it, so the logical thing to do is to have customers let me know. So when I finally do lose my mind and if you are the first one to tell me, you will get a free breakfast. However, if you tell me too soon, my uncle Guido might pay you a visit.