Feb 25 - Mar 3

My wife is out of town for a week and I have the darling children to myself. When this happens and she comes back I am usually in trouble and I cannot ever figure out why. Then I started looking around the house and it came to me. The kitchen table has a bass guitar and a banjo along with about 4 electronic devices with speakers on it. The kitchen counter has an amplifier for the bass guitar and a microphone along with items I can’t describe ( because I don’t know what they are). The dining room table has more electronic devices along with an acoustic guitar and guitar strings spread out all over the table. The bar has two laptops and a skateboard on it. The couch in the family room has another skateboard again with items I am unsure of. The living room coffee table has plates and drinking glasses stacked on it. So tomorrow before she gets home I will buy a bouquet of flowers and hand them to her when she walks in the door and then tell her I have to run. Literally.