Jan 21 - 27

I cannot seem to understand how all my employees stayed with me through all our ordeal of rebuilding after the fire, and yet my animals seem to leave me in droves. It seems natural that the dogs want to run, but today I got a text from a neighbor that my chickens took off. I mean, who loses chickens? The worst part is I got my neighbors mixed up. I have a code word for all my neighbors and it seems I got the "Drone Guy" mixed up with the "Goat guy".  So to corral my chickens I brought reinforcements (my daughter Taylor and her friend) and drove five minutes only to have the "Drone guy" look at me like I was a mad man. I eventually realized that it was the "Goat guy" and he was only fifty feet away, which makes sense. It appears the stress of the rebuild has clouded my judgment and I can no longer tell the difference between a drone and a goat. Please don’t let my employees in on all of this. They seem to act like I am still on top of things.

I want to thank all the people who have brought flowers and gifts and booze (especially booze) to all of us for the opening. I just found a card that was sitting on a ledge from a very nice couple that wrote a very touching note, that made my day. I am just lucky to be surrounded by all these wonderful people. Thanks to all of you again.