Jan 14 - 20

Right now I am kind of in the dog house at home, literally. My dogs keep running away when I am at work. The neighbors all text me and then I plead with my wife to go get them. My dogs have very long white hair and by the time they are found they have gone through at least one muddy pond and as my wife says they have this very special aroma about them. My wife usually drives to the house that contacts me and then she puts them in her car and takes them home. She complains about the smell and the mud and all the other things that go with dirty dogs. If I could somehow find about twenty boxes of Girl Scout cookies right now, I think she might let me back in the house.

Now after all these months of complaining about the restaurant not being open, now I am going to complain about all the work that goes with the restaurant being open, but I will take this anytime over the other. Last week KCRA channel 3 came to report on our re-opening. If you missed it, here is a link to see it online: