Oct 1 - 7

Ok, let’s just all assume I am not a lucky guy. If you were going gambling, you would not want to bring me along. So SMUD came out to hook up the electricity, and somewhere along the way they changed their box and we were not informed. I don’t know if that is the reason, but we could not connect to their new box, which now means we have to go back to the County and pull permits to dig a deep trench and run new conduit from the building to their box. It takes SMUD seven days just to re-inspect, not necessarily hook us up, so this will cost us time. 


So I was telling one of our evening customers this story and he tells me this could take two months. I go home and go absolutely nuts.  It is late and now I am trying to calm down to go to sleep and I go to the medicine cabinet to see what is left. This situation will require more than my usual Tylenol PM. I look around and there is an old prescription of dog Xanax. That is right doggy Xanax for some surgery he had a long time ago. I am so beyond stressed I take one. After 5 minutes or so I don’t notice anything, but I do manage to get to sleep. Next morning I am bright and bushy tailed. I get to work all excited and run around bussing tables and when I tell the girls what I did they seem to give me an odd look and then they back away.  I was told later they were concerned I would mark my territory.

We are trying to expedite the connection and we will see.