Sept 24 - 30

The story of my life:

36 months ago I got a new lease for FlapJacks. I sent it down to a business friend to review it. He apparently was too busy and didn’t and so I reviewed it and signed it anyway. In the new lease the clause that stated that I needed to insure the building at El Camino was absent.  Since I didn’t know that, I insured the El Camino building.

26 months ago I had a fire at Flapjacks. Immediately afterword I was approached by many people to offer to help me out of the goodness of their heart. I chose this man from a company who says he can take care of everything and for me to go home and not worry about anything. I tell this guy that I insured the building, but they told me I wasn’t supposed to, but since I did, I would become the Primary and make all the major decisions concerning the reconstruction.

25 months ago I tell these guys that I have an architect I have worked with to rebuild the restaurant. I am told that I can’t hire an architect that I have to hire an engineer. Ok I say, but I don’t know any engineers. Don’t worry, we can help you with that.

25 months ago I say I have a contractor to rebuild the restaurant. This company asked if he is a “fire recovery contractor”. I say “I don’t know”. Well then you should hire a fire recovery contractor who knows fire recovery. Oh, I say. Good to know. 

24 months ago I decide to hire a fire recovery contractor named Premier Construction. I ask these people if they think he is OK. They say he is a large company and they are a fire recovery contractor so they should be ok. I ask the insurance company if they thought this contractor was ok. They said this is a good company and you should have no problems.

22 months ago we have a meeting at the burnt site and all these people show up. This guy comes in and says he is an engineer and everyone there says he is our engineer and how lucky we would be if I hired them. I said Ok.

18 months ago the contractor goes bankrupt but not before he has demolished far more of the building then he was supposed to. Everyone who vouched for him, says “wow, how unfortunate.”  We decide to hire the contractor that we originally wanted.

4 months ago we finally get permits. Turned out the engineer had never done a restaurant before and had no idea how to do one.

2 months ago I ask how come no body is working and I find out that the insurance companies haven’t sent any money in a long time.  The landlord and I start pouring money out of our own pockets. By this time my employees are getting desperate because they are running out of money. 

1 day ago I write my buddies and tell them how desperate we are and that we need money to finish this building. I explain that between me and the landlord we have personally put in $275,000 to rebuild Flapjacks when we were told that it wouldn’t cost us a dime. 

Today. My good buddies answer my letters with letters from their attorney explaining how it was all my fault for picking the original contractor and original engineer, and how could I pick a contractor who is not a fire recovery contractor. Therefore I should never complain again.

60 minutes ago. I write, "I am so sorry your lordship. I apologize for bothering you.”

This will be the last week of dinner at Country Waffles. Please join us Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.