Oct 15 - 21

It appears I need some help exerting some force on the insurance company to pay up. I have always been proud to be a Toscana, but sometimes it sure would have been handy to be Sicilian. So, since I don’t have that kind of pull, I called our Assemblyman Ken Cooley’s office and a very bright gentleman named Jonathan Glatz comes over to the restaurant to discuss strategy. I am sure our conversation was much different then say a conversation with Michael Corleone, but whatcha gonna do? Anyway, hopefully we will get our money soon. As it is, we have power and water and a sign out front. This week, we will get gas and should get everything in place. I just don’t know how long all the little stuff and inspections will take, but we are close. A family friend suggested we change the name to OPEN SOON. I prefer it just be OPEN, but whatcha gonna do?