Sept 17 - 23

We have been trying like the dickens to get the insurance company to come up with the final payment to finish the Flapjacks building. So we finally get him on the phone to arrange the payment. Now, mind you, with my luck and or the wrath of the Restaurant Gods, you know something would come up. So this guy who is going to arrange this payment has a problem. He lives in South Carolina and has to evacuate from hurricane Florence. He said, “don’t worry” when he can finally get to a safe place he could finish the request for funds. I am just thinking, that this poor guy has to rely on some luck, and he is doing something for me. I just hope the rest of his family is not with him.

We are progressing with the building and should have everything done by the end of this month. If the final building and health inspections go as planned we should open about 10 days after that. On the other hand if nobody ever hears again from our friend above, well then, who knows?

Saturday nights have been a little slow so we will be open Wed thru Fri nights for the next 2 weeks at the Country Waffles on Sunrise.

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