Sept 10 - 16

Ok, so I am trying to catch a lizard in the house before my wife sees it (for some reason she doesn’t like reptiles in the home), when all of a sudden, it completely disappears. Unfortunately, there is only one place for it to be and that is up my pant leg. Just then everyone comes in the front door. Here is the problem, where ever I drop my pants the lizard will scurry away. So what do you do? I leave the rest up to your imagination.

Everyone, this whole mess of trying to rebuild FlapJacks is such a mess it is beyond unbelievable. We are getting close but there is so much to do and the insurance money still has not arrived. Stress has been replaced with sheer panic, however, we are making progress. In two weeks we should have everything pretty much done. I will be broke, but we should be close. The inspections of course will probably take forever so I don’t want to set a date yet, but I have included a photo to give you an idea of how things are coming along. We will continue to serve dinner Wednesday through Saturday for a while longer at Country Waffles, hoping we finally have some good luck. 

oct 1.jpg