Oct 8 - 14

I am a nonno, which means I am an Italian grandpa. My wife got a txt at 4am this morning that my daughter was in labor and I ran down to the bay area to see little Rory Quinlan. This boy is going to grow up and be a great kid and a fantastic soccer player (his father is a unbelievable soccer coach). Now Rory is a fine name, however I tried to influence my daughter into an Italian first name. I suggested Little Francesco (my first name), to no avail. So I tried Franco and then Giacomo and again, I was turned down. I then tried to get some Papal influence, but he didn’t acknowledge my email. I thought that odd. So I have with much counseling learned to accept Rory. I think it is a great name. Maybe it is not too late to go after a middle name. What do you think of Rory Francesco Giacomo Quinlan? 

Tomorrow at FlapJacks, SMUD is coming over to connect our power to their box. This is a big deal because we had to run new underground conduit. So if anyone has any influence with the Pope or SMUD, please do whatever you think might help. If we are lucky and get connected then we will get power 2 weeks after that. It doesn’t mean we can open then but at least we can turn on an OPEN SOON sign.