Oct 22 - 28

I sometimes have these humorous stories to write but my wife always says NO. I try to slip them by but unfortunately, she is much smarter than me, so that doesn’t work.  I mean I have some great stories I could tell, but she thinks that they cross the line. Maybe I should no longer make this a PG blog but a PG13 blog. Wouldn’t that be something?  Then I could talk about religion and politics. Like my story about how the Administrative side of Heaven (you know there has to be an administrative division up there) is all run by deceased DMV workers. Or how all children should be fitted with shock collars at the age of two based on the discretion of their parents. Oh no, here comes my wife.  Got to go.  Don’t repeat any of this.

So, I would like to make a prediction about when FlapJacks will open, but with about 10 more inspections left, I just don’t know. We could open in as soon as 10 days or as late as the next presidential election (yes, that is 2020). We are still waiting on money from the insurance company and we have a couple of contractors that need to finish some things up, but there is only a couple of days of work left for either of them.  We actually have lights and water and an espresso machine, so we are close.