Jan 14 - 20

Right now I am kind of in the dog house at home, literally. My dogs keep running away when I am at work. The neighbors all text me and then I plead with my wife to go get them. My dogs have very long white hair and by the time they are found they have gone through at least one muddy pond and as my wife says they have this very special aroma about them. My wife usually drives to the house that contacts me and then she puts them in her car and takes them home. She complains about the smell and the mud and all the other things that go with dirty dogs. If I could somehow find about twenty boxes of Girl Scout cookies right now, I think she might let me back in the house.

Now after all these months of complaining about the restaurant not being open, now I am going to complain about all the work that goes with the restaurant being open, but I will take this anytime over the other. Last week KCRA channel 3 came to report on our re-opening. If you missed it, here is a link to see it online: 


Jan 7 - 13

I once wrote about the word “perseverate” and I am bringing it up again, because my son got some money for Christmas and he wants to spend it on a skateboard. Trying to reason with him is pointless. He will bring it up over and over and over until you have exhausted any possible supply of alcohol you could have stashed away. So, I try to at least reason with him. I try to explain to him that a 22-inch skateboard will not work for anyone who is 6ft 5 inches tall. He proceeds to show me the picture of the skateboard and how large the picture is and I try to explain that his two feet are at least 26 inches long and so they won’t fit on a 22-inch skateboard. I will probably let it go and just increase our medical coverage.

OK, so after what seems like an entire decade we have finally reopened Flapjacks. Thank you so much to everyone for your support. We had a good few days and maybe in a month or so I will finally find where they keep the cranberry juice, so if you see me please just ask for the basics. Water, coffee and a menu, those are things I can handle.  It is just so WONDERFUL and thank you all again.

Dec 31 - Jan 6

Ok folks. We have just 2 inspections left. There are a thousand different ways this can go, but there is a chance we could open Flapjacks Thursday. With my luck, it will be a Thursday in March, but this Thursday is possible. So I made a tentative schedule for all the employees because we have to be ready if we do. So to keep things in perspective, remember back in May when I said at the longest we would open at the end of July, so keep in that in mind. When we pass our final inspection, we will put out an email to let everyone know.  I am exhausted by all of this and all my employees are as well. It has been so long since things were normal, it is hard to imagine it being that way again. With everything that has happened from fighting bankrupt contractors, insurance adjustors, unqualified engineers, more unqualified people along the way and finally inspectors, this has been a long ride.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and please have a wonderful New Year.

Thanks for all your patience.

Dec 24 - 30


Our story starts with Frank seeing his psychiatrist desperately seeking meds, any meds. It seems the 0.5% slope problem we spoke of in last week’s episode resulted in an estimate of $12,400. However, when the contractors tore up the asphalt, what did he find? No, he did not excavate the lost Indian tribe, that went missing during the Gold Rush era. What he did find was soft dirt. Frank, asked, “What is soft dirt?” “Soft dirt, stupid, does not allow us to pour asphalt at the desired slope of less than 2%” Trying desperately to sound more intelligent, Frank speaks with a British accent and asks, "So?" “Well sir, that means we have to excavate 12 inches of soft dirt and then bring in 12 inches of AG”. Frank, of course, acts like he knows what AG is and asks “And what will this cost and how much more time will it add to the project?” “Well, it will add $5,600 and another week on top of the 2 weeks we allotted.” At this point, Frank is finding it difficult to speak and looks a little bewildered, because he knows he didn’t have the first $12,000. Frank now says “Well, what if you poured concrete instead.”  “Huh, hadn’t thought of that, yea that will work. It will save us a week and a lot of work, but concrete is much more expensive so we will still need the extra $5,600.” Frank pondered the situation. He realizes he is spending $18,000 to make up one inch of slope on a parking space that no one in 15 years ever noticed was too steep.

Ok, folks, on top of this, the health inspector wouldn’t schedule a health final inspection, because we tested the dishwasher hood fan at the wrong speed. So before we could even schedule we had to retest this dishwasher hood fan. So, Health won’t come out until Friday and we can’t schedule the Final until that the health is complete. Everyone, please have a wonderful Christmas, and maybe we will open sometime in the New Year.

Remember Country Waffles will be closed Christmas day but open New Years.

Thank you to all of you for all your continued support.