Dec 31 - Jan 6

Ok folks. We have just 2 inspections left. There are a thousand different ways this can go, but there is a chance we could open Flapjacks Thursday. With my luck, it will be a Thursday in March, but this Thursday is possible. So I made a tentative schedule for all the employees because we have to be ready if we do. So to keep things in perspective, remember back in May when I said at the longest we would open at the end of July, so keep in that in mind. When we pass our final inspection, we will put out an email to let everyone know.  I am exhausted by all of this and all my employees are as well. It has been so long since things were normal, it is hard to imagine it being that way again. With everything that has happened from fighting bankrupt contractors, insurance adjustors, unqualified engineers, more unqualified people along the way and finally inspectors, this has been a long ride.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and please have a wonderful New Year.

Thanks for all your patience.