Jul 29 - Aug 4

Did you ever read the story “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”? The story goes if you give a mouse a cookie, they will ask for milk, and so on and so on. Well, I suddenly realized that when I finish texturing this hole in the kitchen ceiling from the leaky pipe, I will need to repaint the entire kitchen ceiling. If I paint the kitchen ceiling, I will have to repaint all the molding. Well if I repaint all the molding I will need to repaint all the walls. If I repaint all the walls, the cabinets will look old and my wife will suggest new cabinets. If we are replacing the cabinets, we might as well replace the countertops, and if you replace the countertops you obviously need new a new sink and appliances. Well, of course, the old floor won’t do, so we will have to replace the flooring. If you redo the kitchen then the adjoining room may need painting and so and so on.

Next time I have a leaky pipe, I will just leave a flower pot there on the table like I originally suggested and leave the hole in the ceiling alone.