NOV 5 - 11

Let's talk Googie Architecture an area of Mid Century Modern Architecture. This is the design of the fifties, based on futuristic Space Age technology, ie the Jetsons. (Don’t tell the girls, I still want to surprise them with Mrs. Jetson attire.) So our plan all along has been to rebuild Flapjacks as the building it was originally built, a midcentury Googie diner. That is a good part of why this whole rebuilding process has been so involved and taken so long. As far as I know, this is the only building in this area and maybe anywhere that is rebuilt to the original design. If we ever finish, and sometimes I really wonder, this will be a lot of fun. Hopefully, we will still be sane as well. In case we are not, and have crossed the mental health threshold, just imagine it is part of a theatrical choreographed Broadway show.

nov 4.jpg