Nov 12 - 18

If I could give advice to anyone adopting children, it would be to do your research and adopt children that will grow up to be much shorter than you. Children behave much better when their parents are taller than they are. A little fear is a good thing when it comes to persuading these darling children to follow the right course, such as doing their homework or cleaning their room. My wife and I failed at this minor detail immensely. My daughter is taller than my wife and my son is nine inches taller than me. His arms have a six-inch longer reach than mine, which means he can reach 15 inches more than me. This can become a problem. First of all, it is difficult to scold your child when you look up at them, and it is especially difficult when they hold you up with your legs kicking and hanging you from the chandelier.

Ok, so the permit process has changed since the last time I was involved in building a restaurant. We passed our gas pressure test, however, we were told much to our dismay,  that we would not get to connect to gas until we pass our final inspection. At that point, we can apply for a meter from PG&E, but that alone could take up to 2 weeks. I called for a preliminary Health Inspection on Wednesday, and am hoping this gets the different subs to finish so we can get all the other inspections out of the way so we can call for the final. Wish us luck, but if you are praying, remember not to mention my name.