Jun 10 - 16

Electrolysis and Condensation. Separately, these two words have fascinating definitions, together they define a catastrophic mess. There is nothing like walking into your kitchen and seeing a puddle on the table and floor, and then looking up and seeing water dripping from a  large bubble in the ceiling. We had to immediately rip down the ceiling to see what it was, and I wish I knew this was a leaking condensation line but coincidentally this was right under a water heater upstairs. So I go up and rip out the wall in my daughter’s bedroom thinking that is the water line to the water heater. When I see it is the condensation line, I think of every possible alternative other than going up into the attic on a hot semi-summer day. So I go under the house with a compressor and a shop vac to blow and suck out the condensation line. Of course to no avail, because I had heard of electrolysis but I had never in my long life experienced it. So finally, I get the ladder to go up to the attic and there is the biggest hole in a pipe I had ever seen and I felt so dumb, and hot. The moral to the story is, if this happens to you, just put a large potted plant there on the kitchen table.