May 20 - 26

3 quick shorts

When a kid on the autistic spectrum needs something even if it is trivial, it is best to just get it. Don’t argue, don’t ask silly questions, don’t try to be rational. Just get whatever this kid wants, and your life will be much happier.

About a year ago my daughter had to have a tortoise, one of our many creatures. Well, the other night, during the rain storm my wife and I were woken up at 2 in the morning by a loud drumming sound. I had no idea what it was and we did whatever we could to go back to sleep. The next afternoon I look out the window to find a 4-foot wide blue drum on the ground under the leaking gutter. It seems the tortoise requires a small kids wading pool to exercise, and this blue wading pool was turned upside down on the side of the house.

So my other darling daughter wanted to catch a squirrel, so she put a pound of my favorite nuts (pecans) in this trap out front. So the tortoise daughter comes home and there is this squirrel trapped in the trap. She approaches the trap to see what was going on when the squirrel jumps on the side of the trap facing her and tries to attack her. The squirrel then starts shaking the whole cage growling at my daughter as loud as the poor thing could. This, of course, horrifies the tortoise daughter, but she manages to find a long pole to let the little rodent out.