Mar 11 - 17

I think I have uncovered a serious conspiracy theory. We have known all along the Russians have been trying to cause chaos throughout the world. The more chaos they create the better they look. They were involved with Brexit, the Clinton emails and it is now known they are trying to disrupt things in Syria, Venezuela, and I believe here in America. I know you will think I am crazy, but I think they have infiltrated one of our most important American icons. Yes, I think they have somehow gotten control of Girl Scout Cookies. Have you noticed your loved one when they try to eat just one? I believe, and mind you I have no proof, but I think they have added more sugar and butter. Consequently, you cannot stop eating them. Their goal is to make us all so fat we can’t get out of our lounge chairs to mail in the next round of ballots. I know, you all think I have lost it, but just take a box of those wonderful cookies and place it in front of your spouse and try to give them only one and see what happens.