Dec 3 - 9

My family never listens to me, why I do not know. My two extremely talented kids have decided to enter a talent contest. They wanted to do a song by Kiss. I suggested to them that they dress up like monkeys and they sing  (And please use your imagination)

“Hey, hey we’re the Monkeys    Eee  Eee
And people say we monkey around    Uhoo  Uhoo
But we’re too busy singing to put anybody down    Eee Eee.”

They decided to do Kiss. Oh and the song last week was Dominick the Italian Donkey.

On to the building. What do you say when an inspector always asks the impossible. The same darling inspector that would not do our gas pressure test because the ceiling panels were not in, would not do our plumbing final because our Air Balance test hadn’t been done yet. When we asked him, to at least look at the plumbing, so we would know if everything was ok. He said “NO”. Bottom line is, everything is done.  We have the floor retiled and we have a few things we need to do but we need gas and hot water to do them.  So if inspections went well, we could go through the sequence in as little as 10 days. With my luck, I am thinking October 2020.