Dec 17 - 23

Ok, I am getting tired of Christmas songs already. They play on every station including Amazon the same 40 songs. Songs by Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Paul McCartney, Mariah Carey and so on and so on. I think they are wonderful, but after 60 some odd years I m tired of them all. Do they ever play my favorite, and no it is not “ Dominick the Italian Donkey”. It is “ I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.” This is a true legend. It has rhyme, it has a reason, and it as a melody. I think it has it all, and after all, who wouldn’t want a hippo for Christmas. Sing it to your server and get an extra 15% off, but you better do it service, or I may visit your table.

Ok, picture this. It is 2600 BC and you are the GC (I hope by now I don’t have to explain this to you) of the Egyptian Pyramids. You have your ADA (American Disabilities Act) inspection. Your parking space has to have a grade of 2% or less. Out of a 200 sq ft parking space, you have a 9 sq ft section with 2.6% and even though the rest is well below 2% you now have to re-grade the entire parking space and of course repaint it as well.

You know, if I would have had a hippo standing there I bet he never would have noticed that small discrepancy.